celery beat supervisor example conf

Linux -- Posted on Dec. 6, 2019

celery beat supervisor example conf

                ; ================================
;  celery beat supervisor example
; ================================

; the name of your supervisord program

; Set full path to celery program if using virtualenv
command=/path/to/env/bin/celery beat -A myproject --loglevel=INFO

; The directory to your Django project

; If supervisord is run as the root user, switch users to this UNIX user account
; before doing any processing.

; Supervisor will start as many instances of this program as named by numprocs

; Put process stdout output in this file

; Put process stderr output in this file

; If true, this program will start automatically when supervisord is started

; May be one of false, unexpected, or true. If false, the process will never
; be autorestarted. If unexpected, the process will be restart when the program
; exits with an exit code that is not one of the exit codes associated with this
; process’ configuration (see exitcodes). If true, the process will be
; unconditionally restarted when it exits, without regard to its exit code.

; The total number of seconds which the program needs to stay running after
; a startup to consider the start successful.

; if your broker is supervised, set its priority higher
; so it starts first

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