Generate Django table dynamically

Django -- Posted on Feb. 6, 2024

Function to create an html table of a django queryset dynamically.

                from django.urls import reverse,reverse_lazy, NoReverseMatch, resolve
from django.utils.safestring import mark_safe
from django.db.models.fields.files import ImageFieldFile, FileField
from decimal import Decimal
from django.utils.html import format_html

def get_rows(fields, object_list):
    fields : [{'verbose_name': 'Name', 'db_name': 'name'}]
    object_list : queryset
    table = "<table class='table table-striped'>"
    thead = '<thead><tr>'
    for field in fields:
        thead += f"<th>{field['verbose_name']}</th>"
    thead += '</tr></thead>'    
    table += thead + '<tbody>'
    for obj in object_list:
        app = obj._meta.app_label
        model = obj.__class__.__name__.lower()
        update_url = reverse_lazy(f"{app}:{model}-update",kwargs={"pk"})
        delete_url = reverse_lazy(f"{app}:{model}-delete",kwargs={"pk"})
        tr = '<tr>'
        for field in fields:
            db_name = field['db_name']
            value = getattr(obj, db_name)
            if isinstance(value, Decimal):
                value = round(value,0)
            elif isinstance(value, bool):
                if value:
                    value = format_html(mark_safe('<i class="bi bi-check-lg text-success"></i>'))
                    value = format_html(mark_safe('<i class="bi bi-x-lg text-danger"></i>'))
            elif isinstance(value, models.Manager):
                print(f"{value} is a related manager.")
                related_objects = value.get_queryset()
                value = '<ul>'
                for obj in related_objects:
                    value += f'<li>{obj}</li>'
                value += '</ul>'
            elif isinstance(value,ImageFieldFile):
                if value and value.url:
                    value = format_html(mark_safe('<img src="{}" width="100px" />'.format(value.url)))
            tr += '<td>' + str(value) + '</td>'
        tr += f"""<td><a href='{update_url}'>{format_html(mark_safe('<i class="bi bi-pencil-square text-warning" style="font-size:1.5rem;"></i>'))}</a><a href='{delete_url}        'class='delete-tr'>{format_html(mark_safe('<i class="bi bi-x text-danger" style="font-size:1.5rem;"></i>'))}</a></td>"""
        tr += '</tr>'
        table += tr
    table += '</tbody></table>'
    return table

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